Finland Opens Largest Nordic LNG Terminal After Delay

OSLO, June 11 (Reuters) - Finland's 110 million-euro ($124.5 million) Manga liquefied natural gas import terminal has fully opened after a year-long delay to the project, engineering firm Wartsila and part-owner Gasum said on Tuesday. Manga, the largest LNG terminal in the Nordic region with storage capacity of 50,000 cubic metres, began receiving some shipments in November … [Read more...]

Bulk Carrier Towed to Port After Taking on Water in Gulf of Finland

A bulk carrier that was previously taking on water in the icy Gulf of Finland has been towed to port, the Finnish Border Guard has confirmed. Ship tracking data on Monday showed the Panama-flagged bulk carrier MV Glory Hongkong moored at the port of Tallinn after arriving under tow late Friday night, the Border Guard reported.  The Glory Hongkong issued a … [Read more...]

SAR Operation Underway as Bulk Carrier Takes on Water in Gulf of Finland

Maritime authorities in Finland are responding to a bulk carrier that has taken on water in its engine room in the Gulf of Finland. The Panama-flagged bulk carrier MV Glory Hongkong is located west of Suursaari island in the western Gulf. The leak was reported at 1241 local time on Thursday (March 8) as the ship was sailing in international waters from St Petersburg, … [Read more...]

Finland Expresses Concern Over Rise in Russia’s Cargo Ship Inspections

HELSINKI, Jan 12 (Reuters) - The Finnish government has voiced concern over surprise inspections on Finnish cargo ships visiting Russian ports in recent weeks, saying delays had been a problem for shipping companies. Neighbouring Russia carried out seven thorough inspections in the past two weeks on Finnish ships at St Petersburgh and other ports, without giving a specific … [Read more...]