Ms Caroline in Crew Boat Smash Up [INCIDENT PHOTOS]

Gulf Offshore Logistics' fast supply crew boat Ms. Caroline crawled into Fourchon, LA Saturday morning with her bow all smashed up.  Not many details are available but some crew reportedly suffered some non-life threatening injuries.  More photos HERE. Here she is on one of her good days: Via gCaptain Forum … [Read more...]

Incat Crowther’s Launches New 30m Monohul Crew Boats

Incat Crowther is pleased to announce the launch of two 30m monohull crew boats by Veecraft Marine in South Africa. Perez and Deborah are the first Incat Crowther-designed vessels to be built by Veecraft, and mark a fast-growing relationship between the yard and designer. Incat Crowther has developed a strong relationship with Veecraft Marine, and is pleased to be working … [Read more...]

Incat Crowther’s new 45m monohull crewboat

Incat Crowther has recently announced a contract to design a 45m Monohull Crew Boat for BSCO Navigation, a subsidiary of Brasil Supply.  The new design, developed by Incat Crowther's USA office, will built by Brazil's Arpoador Engenharia Ltda and meet the specifications of the Petrobas P3-type crew boat for service in the Brazilian offshore oil fields. The vessel's design … [Read more...]

Incat Crowther to design second 28m catamaran crew boat

Incat Crowther has announce that they are designing a second 28m Wave Piercing Catamaran Crew Boat to support offshore oil and gas operations. Incat Crowther has again worked with Topaz to develop a 24 hour version of the innovative crew boat. The new vessel shares the same hull configuration, as well as the aft cargo deck and forward loading arrangement. The vessel differs … [Read more...]