Incat Crowther to design second 28m catamaran crew boat

Mike Schuler
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February 2, 2011

Incat Crowther has announce that they are designing a second 28m Wave Piercing Catamaran Crew Boat to support offshore oil and gas operations.

Incat Crowther has again worked with Topaz to develop a 24 hour version of the innovative crew boat. The new vessel shares the same hull configuration, as well as the aft cargo deck and forward loading arrangement. The vessel differs from the earlier design by having a full width superstructure allowing greater accommodation space. Together with increased full capacity, this allows the vessel to operate uninterrupted over a 24 hour service pattern.

The accommodation-friendly vessel adds a bathroom to each of the two hull crew cabins. There is also an additional officer’s cabin on the main deck. The entire wheelhouse module, including aft control stations, is common to both designs.

As with the earlier vessel, the 24 hour boat will be fitted with a FFS 250x350HD FiFi and foredeck mounted fire monitor as well as a Sormec M18/FB/4S deck crane. The aft deck has over 50 square meters of usable deck space, forward of which is a protected passenger boarding area.

The vessel will again be powered by a pair of Caterpillar C32 Acert engines, each producing 1193kW at 2100rpm. This will give the operator commonality between the two different vessels, streamlining maintenance operations and parts inventory.

Incat Crowther has forged a strong relationship with Topaz Marine, which in addition to these Wave Piercing Crew Boats, has seen the launch of 5 x 35m monohull crewboats. Incat Crowther’s attention to servicing its client’s needs ensures a continual evolution and improvement of its designs, whilst maintaining a sound naval architectural basis.

Source: Incat Crowther

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