Smooth Sailing for Costa Concordia, Convoy Within Sight of Genoa

A little more than three days since departing Giglio for the first time two and a half years, the Costa Concordia is approximately 20 nautical miles from reaching its destination at the port of Genoa. The convoy is now traveling at speed of about 1 knot and reduce in speed as they get closer to port. Arrival is still expected overnight Saturday, with entrance into port … [Read more...]

So Far So Good For Costa Concordia Tow

The Costa Concordia has travelled 63 nautical miles and shows no signs of trouble after 30 hours at sea, according to an update from the project's website at about 8 p.m. local time (CEST) Thursday. The convoy is currently located between Isola d'Elba and Corsica and is heading north northwest at an average speed of about 2 knots. The Costa Concordia's course is … [Read more...]

Watch: Drone Films Costa Concordia Under Tow

Here's the view of the Costa Concordia under tow from an aerial drone. The video was filmed Wednesday morning after the shipwreck departed the island of Giglio under tow by two tugs. The two tugs in the video are the MV Blizzard (red) and the MV Resolve Earl (black, which together have a combined horsepower of 24,000 and 275 tons of bollard pull. You can see another two … [Read more...]

Track Costa Concordia Live – AIS MAP

The Costa Concordia departed Giglio Wednesday morning at approximately 11 a.m. and is making 2 knots north towards Genoa. Track the Concordia's progress here using this live AIS map courtesy Arrival in Genoa is scheduled for Saturday or Sunday (July 26-27). Having trouble viewing? See here MarineTraffic's Costa Concordia Page Full Coverage: Costa … [Read more...]