Officials: Costa Concordia Water Quality Tests Show No Signs for Concern

Mike Schuler
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July 16, 2014


Update: She’s off! Track Costa Concordia Live – AIS MAP

Water samples taken in and around the refloated Costa Concordia shipwreck have shown no signs of critical levels of pollution, project officials confirmed Wednesday.

The refloating operation, which is now in its third day, has continued around the clock as workers continue to prepare the shipwreck for the five-day tow to port of Genoa. On Wednesday, technicians worked to connect and tension the chains of 3 starboard sponsons, according to the latest update from the project’s website, and the wreck has now risen out of the water by 2 meters in the bow area and 4 at the stern. 

Some good news for the environmental skeptics was also announced today. Water quality samples taken Monday, the first day of the refloating, have revealed no critical issues with the water in and around the wreck. Environmental protection has been at the forefront of the entire salvage operation since day 1. Throughout the refloating, cleanup crews have been motoring around the wreck and picking up any visible debris. 

Meanwhile, the 138-ton bollard pull AHTS MV Blizzard has now arrived in the area. The MV Blizzard will tow the Costa Concordia along with the MV Resolve Earl to the port of Genoa, where the cruise ship will eventually be scrapped. The MV Resolve Earl, another AHTS, has been on scene over the course of this week’s refloating operation. The Costa Concordia is currently held in position thanks to two other tugs, Garibaldo and Red Wolf on the east, which were both involved in the refloat (video of them in action HERE). You can see the two tugs below holding the Concordia in place, as well as the MV Resolve Earl just off to the side.

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