Cargo Ship Beached in France – M/V Artemis

Like the Zhen Hua near Rotterdam, the Den Den in India and the Pasha Bulker in Newcastle Australia the Cargo Ship (actually it's a container ship) Artemis is helping to boost the economy of the French coastal town Les Sables d'Olonne. Motor Boats Monthly tells us: The storm that battered much of Wales, the southern coast of England, and northern France yesterday left a … [Read more...]

Beached In Rotterdam – Zhen Hua Heavy Lift Crane Ship

Photo By Gerard Stolk Shipspotters (via Fred Fry's Discoverer Entry) brings us Zhen Hua 10 Stranded on Beach near Rotterdam! We detailed the sister ship Zhen Hua 5 ship in a previous video post titled: Time Lapse Video - Moving a Crane Ship Of The Day tells us: Today we have a very special report at Ship of the Day. In the night between friday and saturday, the heavy … [Read more...]

The Inconvenient Truth – Maritime Casualty List 2008

We interrupt your weekend reading to bring you an Inconvenient Truth; the maritime casualty list for 2008. This list is from and will only be available this weekend. On Monday we will return to our normal coverage of interesting maritime news but the list will, undoubtedly, continue to grow so be sure to email THIS LINK to all parties concerned with Maritime … [Read more...]

Pasha Bulker – Photo Slideshow

Here is a random selection of the best (and worst) photos of the coal ship "Pasha Bulker" grounded on Nobby's Beach courtesy of Flickr. For those unfamiliar with the infamous ship that ran aground on a popular beach in Newcastle, Australia . If you liked this then see our similar "Best Ship Photos Slideshow" or our "Most Outrageous Ship Photos" post. The second … [Read more...]