Video: Ocean Art – The North Sea’s Most Stylish PSV

Here's a new video showing a look at the painting of Atlantic Offshore's new PSV Ocean Art, dubbed the "coolest looking" vessel in the North Sea. We first covered this project back in August when the vessel was painted in Stavanger, Norway just prior to the ship's christening. The hull art was created by Polish street artist Mariusz “M-City” Waras, who spent three days … [Read more...]

Giant Rubber Duck Floats Into Port of Los Angeles – PHOTOS

A giant rubber duck made its way into the Port of Los Angeles this week. Ok, now for some context. The 60-foot tall inflatable duck is part of an art installation by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman. Since 2007, the duck has called at ports and harbors across the globe including Beijing, Hong Kong, Sydney, Auckland, Soa Paulo and Pittsburg, just to name a few. The … [Read more...]

Dream Tanker – Painted by Kids

What happens when you let a comedian and elementary students paint a ship? No, the answer isn't the Norwiegan Gem, it's the Dream Tanker. Pink Tentacle tells us; The Dream Tanker, one of the largest liquified natural gas (LNG) tankers in the world, now travels in style. Comedian-turned-painter Jimmy Onishi and 40 elementary school students have designed monster-sized … [Read more...]

Lego Man! Photos Of The Beached Toy | UPDATE: Third Lego-Man Washes Ashore In Florida!

UPDATE: A third mystery lego-man has washed up on a beach in Florida.  What is happening!  Read here for the update!! ORIGINAL: To the delight of children in the area, a giant, 6 ft. tall lego man has washed up on a beach in Brighton, UK leaving residents puzzled as to its origins. Last year, we reported on a similar incident where tourists at the Dutch resort of … [Read more...]