Lego Man! Photos Of The Beached Toy | UPDATE: Third Lego-Man Washes Ashore In Florida!

Mike Schuler
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October 31, 2008

Lego ManUPDATE: A third mystery lego-man has washed up on a beach in Florida.  What is happening!  Read here for the update!!

ORIGINAL: To the delight of children in the area, a giant, 6 ft. tall lego man has washed up on a beach in Brighton, UK leaving residents puzzled as to its origins.

Last year, we reported on a similar incident where tourists at the Dutch resort of Zandvoort came across a giant legoman bobbing just off shore.  That lego man had the words “NO REAL THAN YOU ARE” written across its chest.

So where did these lego men come from?  Was it an unfortunate accident, strange coincidence, or publicity stunt?  Well, apparently it is saying it’s the latter.

It is the work of artist Ego Leonard who will be exhibiting his artwork in London in the coming weeks.  Trying to figure out what inspired Ego to do this, I came across, that has striking similarities to this strange phenomenon.

UPDATE: In fact, a LegoLand theme park just opened recently in the Florida.  Could it have been a LegoLand stunt?  Or is Ego here looking to cash in on another chance for some free publicity from bloggers like us?

Lego Man Photos

lego man photos
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