Monday, May 18, 2020
kea trader salvage
Maritime News

Ardent to Wind Down Salvage Activities

After five years in business, global salvage firm Ardent says it will no longer be entering into new contracts from May 2020 onward.  Ardent, a leading

May 18, 2020
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Friday, April 10, 2020
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Boskalis Expands OPA-90 Salvage Services with Acquisition of Ardent Americas

Dutch marine services firm Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V. has announced the acquisition of maritime emergency response specialist Ardent Americas, helping

April 10, 2020
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Monday, December 30, 2019
kea trader salvage

Focussing on Salvage, US-Based Ardent Moves HQ to the Netherlands

Houston-based Ardent has announced it will be moving its headquarters to the Netherlands and refocussing its strategy away from offshore decommissioning in

December 30, 2019
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Friday, September 20, 2019
kea trader salvage
Maritime News

Ardent Top Management to Buyout Partners Svitzer, Crowley

Top management of US-based salvage and offshore decommissioning company Ardent will buy-out the company from founding partners Svitzer and Crowley after

September 20, 2019
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Friday, March 23, 2018

Ardent Partnership Creates New Salvage Leader in Eastern Mediterranean

Global maritime salvage company Ardent has teamed up with one of Greece’s largest providers of tugs and a leading expert in pollution control in the

March 23, 2018
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Monday, March 12, 2018
kea trader salvage

Kea Trader Wreck Hit by Two Cyclones, Causing Shift on Reef

Two powerful cyclones within a month have caused the further deterioration of the wreck of the wreck of the Kea Trader off New Caledonia in the South Pacific,

March 12, 2018
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Thursday, December 21, 2017
kea trader breaks in half

Salvors Forging Ahead with Kea Trader Salvage

Marine salvage group Ardent is continuing operations on the Kea Trader, despite the vessel’s broken hull. The 2017-built Kea Trader ran aground in New

December 21, 2017
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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

UK Signs Emergency Towing Vessel ‘Ievoli Black’ to 5-Year Contract Off Scotland

The UK’s Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA) has signed a 5-year agreement with the marine salvage company Ardent for emergency towage services off the

December 20, 2016
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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

PHOTOS: Largest Wreck Removal of 2016 Completed in Gulf of Mexico

A little more than a year after salvors from Titan and Svitzer joined forces, the combined company Ardent says it has completely the salvage industries’

December 7, 2016
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