As Global Trade Stalls, Suez Canal Memes Take Over the Internet

John Konrad
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March 25, 2021

by John Konrad (gCaptain) Most news organizations have a serious view of events when a major incident in one of the world’s most critical which costs many billions of dollars a day. Some grow more serious when they learn of the risk of pollution and personal injury facing the marine salvage team responsible for removing the wreck of the Ever Given. But not the Washington Post (WaPo), apparently.

Today, the “Washington Post TikTok Guy”, journalist Dave Jorgenson dressed up as a ship captain and pretended to crash a ship after getting distracted by a video of Reese Witherspoon.


The ship – which is twice the height of the Washington Monument – was wedged sideways across the canal. No, the captain wasn’t actually on TikTok.

? original sound – Tara’s Mum and Dad

Shortly after the video, which has received over 20,000 likes, was posted gCaptain received a flood of messages and emails from readers. Some were amused by the skit but others were offended.

This video is certainly not the only meme recently created about the ill fated ship. The most popular memes focus on a scene feature Austin Powers trying to turn the ship around in a narrow hallway.

Others have focused on the earth mover that’s trying to dig out the ship’s bow:

Even the guy with the digger has a Twitter account now. He wants everyone to know he’s doing his best but he’s not making any promises.

Some online are coming up with their own salvage plans:

Others are starting to come up with alternative plans…

Other news organizations have taken an even more sophomoric approach focusing on a a Trackline that some believe looks like a… ahem, flaccid penis.

But is the ruin of a fellow captain’s career, billions in losses, and the blockage of COVID Critical supplies aboard that ship a laughing matter? ¯\_(?)_/¯ What do you think?


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