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October 25, 2020

Steel Giraffe Containers specialize in complete custom and technical shipping container builds for a variety of industries. From the initial design meetings and CAD renderings, to the build process, to final delivery; Steel Giraffe handles it all. The most recent project was a custom 20’ High Cube container for the University of Rhode Island (URI), Oceanographic Department. Which is part of a larger organization called UNOLS (University-National Oceanographic Laboratory Systems.)

The challenge was to provide a mobile workspace for science research capable of a controlled temperature range, all while conforming to ISO shipping specifications as this container will spend a lot of time on different research vessels. A standard “reefer container” was typically used in the past as a starting platform, however it did not provide the best end result. Most “reefer containers” are 20’ standard heights, have grated floors, and the walls are stainless in color. Really making a poor work environment. So Steel Giraffe purpose built a 20’ High Cube from scratch. Installing doors, hatches, ladders, commercial HVAC, and recessed access ports as needed. The inside was insulated with a special corrugated panel, and finished with a white wall panel installed on the walls and ceiling. The floor was commercial epoxy with a flush mounted drain to collect run-off, this provided a bright and clean working environment. The walls were then lined with Uni-Strut every 20” (50cm) to allow for modular setups, as the science experiments are ever changing. Single phase and 3 phase power was installed to be able to support a variety of different equipment, with many parts 3D printed to keep the installation as clean and minimal as possible. Custom aluminum cabinets were designed and installed to keep the container as light as possible and prevent rusting in a salt environment.

URI will take delivery of this container/laboratory in late October and it will be in service to the University for many years to come.

For a 360 degree (click and drag) tour, check out:

Previous projects include American Magic (NYYC America’s Cup Challenger), CVS Pharmacies Covid Testing Lab, and many other marine support container projects.

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