dong energy westernmost rough substation installation

Stanislav Yudin Completes Offshore Substation Installation [VIDEO]

Rob Almeida
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July 18, 2014

Image: Dong Energy

Seaway Heavy Lifting’s Stanislav Yudin completed the installation of the Westermost Rough substation for Dong Energy last month.

Dong Energy just released the following time-lapse video of the jacket and topside installation which occurred in 20 meters of water approximately 8 kilometers off the Holderness coast in East Yorkshire. Once fully operational in 2015, the Westernmost Rough Offshore windfarm will consist of 35 wind turbine generators with a total capacity of 210 MW.

Seaway Heavy Lifting notes it took the Stanislav Yudin 6 days to complete the project.

Stanislav Yudin
Image: Seaways Heavy Lifting

Stanislav Yudin‘s particulars:

  1. LOA: 183.3 meters
  2. Beam: 36 meters
  3. Flag: Cyprus
  4. Crane: 2,500 mt revolving (main) 500 mt (aux)
  5. Power: 4,095 kW provided to 2 bow thrusters and two main thrusters
  6. Accommodation: 151
  7. Deck space: 2,560 square meters 
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