SPOTD: ENSCO 8502 Under Tow by the Kurt J Crosby

kurt j crosby tugboat ensco 8502
Image by Crosby Tugs

Yesterday afternoon, the semi-submersible drilling rig ENSCO 8502, under tow by the KURT J CROSBY and the SIGNET WAR HORSE, arrived at Mustang Island Block 740, near the Corpus Christi sea buoy.  The tow was escorted by the M/V CROSBY COURAGE and Adriatic Marine’s ARABIAN.

Crosby notes in an emailed statement to gCaptain:

“The two Crosby tugs successfully completed the tow, as requested, after originally encountering heavy weather on February 20 – 21, including seas up to 16 feet and winds up to 40 – 50 mph, which slowed progress.  The tugs, however, maintained full control of the ENSCO rig.”

The image was taken as the KURT J CROSBY was getting ready to pass over the bow tow bridal to the SIGNET WARHORSE 1.