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Mike Schuler
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November 21, 2008

Besides using our Discoverer page of course, we use Google Alerts to stay on top of the news.  Well this week, gCaptain has had an influx of emails, phone calls, questions and visitors;) interested in what is going on with piracy in and around the Gulf of Aden.  So many in fact, we just can’t keep up.  So rather than regurgitating our Google alerts, we are just going to run through some key events that have happened in the past week and provide you with links to reputable news sources.

Things started off on Saturday with the hijacking of the Sirius Star that was loaded with $110M worth of crude.   With the US and British Navy’s saying that is to dangerous to storm the ship, the pirates are now demanding $25M for the Saudi VLCC.

While the US is urging merchant vessels to take steps to stop piracy, the Indian Navy took matters into their own hands and sunk a suspected pirate mothership.  Russia is also taking initiative by sending even more warships to battle Somali pirates.

Obviously, the world is struggling with the plague of pirates.  Ships are being diverted to avoid the pirate infested waters, but the head of the IMO warns of its negative repercussions.  Shipping companies are seeing a hike in insurance premiums due to the problem and it seems as though there is no end in sight.

Even though the UK is not paying ransom, other ship owners are with almost $30M paid this year.  As for the pirates, it is a highly profitable business that is sure to continue.

So that is this week’s headlines in a nutshell (small nutshell).  If anyone else knows of anything we might have missed, leave the links in the comments.

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