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Wanna Buy the Siderfly?

Rob Almeida
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December 19, 2013

Image via Veit Huber

It’s been since six weeks since the freighter “Siderfly” collided with the 116-meter gas carrier Coral Ivory, and the vessel still waits at Brunsbüttel´s south quay on the Kiel Canal while a decision is made on her fate.

In a phone call this morning with the Estonian owner of the vessel EESTINOVA, they mention that the Russian underwriters of the vessel are currently working on resolving the situation, however EESTINOVA could not provide specific details on what exactly was being done.

Reports from German media note that the owners are looking to get rid of the vessel by whatever means available and sell her for scrap.

Image via Veit Huber

Meanwhile, the Water and Shipping Authorities Brunsbüttel (Wasser- und Schifffahrtsamt, WSA) has been keeping track of the associated port fees of €370 per day that have been accruing since November 12th.

In speaking with the United Canal Agency in Germany today, they say that they are under a strict “no comment” policy regarding the status of the Siderfly.  It seems however that the UCA is in direct contact with the underwriters and that progress on the vessel’s fate may be made in the coming days.

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