Show me the money! Suny Maritime ranks in top 20 schools for making $$$

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July 29, 2011

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Jealous of your ASU buddies’ “girls gone wild” college experience?  How about your friends over in NYU bragging about how hip Manhattan is?  Are you sick and tired of having to explain where your school is with reference to the Throggs Neck Bridge?  Keep this in mind SUNY Maritime students; it gets better, much better.

According to a report released by PayScale, Inc., a global compensation data house, SUNY Maritime is ranked in the top 20 best colleges by salary potential for new graduates.  To give you some perspective, schools on the list include Princeton, Harvard, MIT, and Stanford.  In fact, at number 13 on the list with a median starting salary for recent grads of $57,300 and mid-career median salary of $109,000, SUNY Maritime ranks ahead of Cornell, Yale, Brown and even Berkeley.  Also interesting to note, SUNY is ranked first among public universities, and fifth among engineering schools.

So next time your sitting in class with 20 other dudes, 1 female and the fear of the Throggs Neck Bridge crumbling down on you, stew on this; you’re going to make more money right out of school and throughout your career than most of your other friends can only dream of.



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