Short Sea Distribution Featured In Sunday New York Times

John Konrad
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June 2, 2019

Today’s New York Times features Harbor Harvest’s first SSEADIS – Short Sea Distribution – Vessel.

What if there were a way to reduce delays by diverting cargo and transporting it by boat across the Long Island Sound — a sort of marine highway — instead? Robert Kunkel, a retired marine engineer, is trying to do just that.

He will soon start a freight ferry service, called Harbor Harvest, which is named for an artisanal grocery store and cafe in Norwalk, Conn., that he has run with his wife, Marilyn, since 2015.

This service, to begin in a couple of weeks, will be cheaper, quicker and greener than trucking, according to Mr. Kunkel.

“We want to bring back regional waterborne transportation at a reasonable cost to areas that want locally produced food,” said Mr. Kunkel, who also operates a ship design and construction management firm.

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