Shocking Footage Shows Passenger Falling from MSC Cruise Ship

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June 24, 2014

Some shocking video footage has been released on Youtube showing a passenger falling overboard from an MSC cruise ship during a World Cup soccer cruise in Brazil. Warning, this may be tough to watch:

The footage was filmed aboard the MSC Divina at about 5 p.m. on June 18 as the ship sailed in Brazilian waters between Fortaleza and Recife. In the video, you can see the passenger fall from an upper deck of the ship into the water.

MSC Cruises has identified the man as a Mexican national who was aboard the MSC Divina while on a private charter. The ship was carrying soccer fans as part of an exclusive charter to ports in Brazil for the FIFA World Cup tournament, according to MSC Cruises website.

MSC Cruises says that MSC Divina’s crew immediately raised the alarm while the Master alerted the Brazilian authorities. The Brazilian Navy subsequently took over the search and allowed the MSC Divina to continue its itinerary.

According to the website, 232 people, either passengers or crew, have fallen or jumped overboard from cruise ships or passenger ferries since 2000. The website in this case reports that the passenger was heavily intoxicated.

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