Ship Photos of The Day – Navy Ships and The Golden Gate Bridge at 75

Mike Schuler
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May 30, 2012

San Francisco this weekend celebrated the 75th anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge.  One of the best things about being in San Francisco looking out at views of the Bay and Golden Gate Bridge and when Navy ships are in town, it’s always extra spectacular.  Here is a collection of photos of Navy ships from this weekend.

USS Iowa (BB-61)
Photo of the USS Iowa (BB-61) taken by Jef Poskanzer on May 26, 2012
The USS Iowa is saluted by a fire boat's water spray as the ship passes under the 75-year-old Golden Gate Bridge Saturday, May 26, 2012. (Pacific Battleship Center Photo/Jeremy Bonelle)

The USS Iowa departed San Francisco on Saturday, May 26th on a four-day trip, under tow, to Los Angeles where the last remaining World War II battleship is set to become an interactive naval museum at the Pacific Battleship Center.

During the journey, the vessel will be flanked by a parade of ships in honor of the USS Iowa, including the SS Jeremiah O’Brien and President Franklin Roosevelt’s presidential yacht, among a host of other private vessels and a special “surprise guest”.

The USS Iowa under tow in San Francisco harbor. Photo via Pacific Battleship Center facebook page.

The USS Iowa is being towed by Crowley’s 7,200-HP tugboat Warrior, which is guiding the 887 foot battleship from Port Richmond, across the San Francisco Bay and under the Golden Gate Bridge, and is expected to arrive in Port of Los Angeles Wednesday morning.

Additional photos of the USS Iowa can be found at the Pacific Battleship Center’s Facebook Page and the Flickr USS Iowa Tag Page.

Now for the SS Jeremiah O’Brien.

The SS Jeremiah O’Brien is one of two remaining fully functional Liberty ships left.  Here’s a shot from a passenger aboard as she is escorted under the Golden Gate Bridge.  Looks cold.

Photo (c) Captain Chuck

Returning to berth after day on the Bay.

Image (c) via Facebook

More photos can be seen at the Jeremiah O’Brien Facebook page.

Surprise Guest: USS NIMITZ

The USS Nimitz made surprise visit in the Bay.  Here are some photos of the USS Nimitz coming under Golden Gate Bridge.

A close up the Nimitz being escorted through the Bay by some Foss tugs.

Here’s some great photos of the fireworks show from Sunday night.  From the sounds and looks of it, the show was one for the ages as it lit up perhaps one of the most beautiful man-made landmarks in the world, and on a clear night at that.  This shot was taken from the Marin Headlands with San Francisco in the background.  A full video of the show can be found HERE, and it’s really good.

Photo (c) danishdynamite via Flickr

Another amazing shot of the fireworks, literally lighting up the bridge.  Never seen that before.

Photo (c) Mason Cummings via Flickr

Some more photos of the firworks celebration can be found at Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary their Flickr page.

Do you attend this weekend’s celebration in San Francisco? Point us to your photos in the comments section. 

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