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Shell Releases Video of Spectacular Prelude FLNG Mooring Wire Strength Test

Rob Almeida
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December 17, 2014

screen shot via YouTube/Shell

17 kilometers of anchor chain weighing in at over 8,100 tons are being manufactured in Spain at Vicinay Cadenas for the Shell Prelude FLNG facility. This will certainly take some time considering the company is producing 150 links per day at their facility, but meanwhile, multiple processes are being run in parallel worldwide to complete the construction of the 500 meter-long floating facility.

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The below image shows one of the LNG processing modules being lifted on to the Prelude’s hull at Samsung Heavy Industries.

shell prelude samsung heavy industries
Screen shot via YouTube/Shell

The following screen shot shows one of the Prelude’s mooring wire ropes being strength tested to failure.

shell prelude
Screen shot via YouTube/Shell

The following video via Shell shows what happened after 2400 tons of tension was put on the wire rope and provides an in depth look at the progress of the Shell Prelude facility.


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