UN Security Council concerned over West Africa piracy

Mike Schuler
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September 3, 2011
The Security Council this week voiced concern over increasing incidents of maritime piracy, armed robbery and reports of hostage-taking in the Gulf of Guinea, and called on the international community for help.

The Council noted efforts to tackle the problem by countries in the Gulf of Guinea, particularly those by Nigeria and Benin in launching joint patrols of the coast of Benin and plans to convene a summit of Gulf of Guinea Heads’ of State to coordinate a regional response.

“In this context, members of the Council underlined the need for regional coordination and leadership in developing a comprehensive strategy to address this threat,”the Security Council said in a press statement.

The Council also urged the international community to support countries in the region secure international navigation in the region through information exchange, improved coordination and capacity building.

The Council also took note of the intention by the Secretary-General to send a UN assessment mission to look into the situation in the region and explore possible options for UN support.

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