Seafarers Awareness Week Continues in UK

Mike Schuler
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June 27, 2012

Following a successful “Day of The Seafarer” celebration held worldwide, the United Kingdom is continuing it’s honoring of seafarers with an annual “Seafarers Awareness Week”, held every year from June 25 to July 1.

The annual campaign is coordinated by Seafarers UK, a leading charity for seafarers in need, and is aimed at raising awareness of Britain’s dependence on seafarers. This year, Seafarers UK is posing the question: Do the citizens of ‘island nation’ Britain take seafarers for granted?

The charity says that long gone are the days when most British families knew at least one person who was working at sea, either on a merchant vessel, a fishing boat, or serving in the Royal Navy. Today, Seafarers UK believes that the natural connection Britain once had with the sea and seafaring appears to have been largely lost.

Seafarers UK highlights the importance of seafarers on Britain’s economy and livelihood, pointing out that 95% of total UK trade is carried by ship including half of the countries food.

Seafarers UK provides annual grants of £2.5m to support seafarers in need, from across the Merchant Navy, Fishing Fleets, Royal Navy and Royal Marines, and their families.

More information about Seafarers Awareness Week can be found at You can get involved by taking a moment to ‘Remember a Seafarer’ or have a go at a fun Children’s Quiz.


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