Scorched ‘Sorrento’ Ferry Towed to Port

Mike Schuler
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May 6, 2015

Sorrento 4

The fire-scorched ferry is finally headed for Segunto, Spain more than a week after the ship burst into flames while crossing the Mediterranean Sea.

The fire broke out in the lower decks of the ferry Sorrento, operated by Trasmediterranea-Acciona, about an hour after departing from the island of Mallorca to the Spanish port of Valencia on April 28th. All 156 passengers and crew were able to escape the burning ship.

Although the fire was extinguished within about a day, the ferry has been held at see while undergoing inspections and as arrangements were made for its tow to port.

According to Spain’s Salvamento Maritimo, the Sorrento was under tow early Wednesday to Segunto, Spain by Gianemilio C tugboat with the emergency vessel Clara Campoamor providing escort. AIS data showed the Clara Campoamor just off the coast of Valencia, just south of Segunto, as of 18:26 GMT.

Here are some photos showing the damage and fire to the vessel. Photos courtesy Salvamento Maritimo.

Sorrento 1

Sorrento 2

Sorrento 3

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