WARNING: If You Come From the Old School, This Video May Hurt Your Brain

Rob Almeida
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November 23, 2011

By Rob Almeida, gCaptain

In case you never noticed, the global maritime and offshore energy industry can be pretty damn old school in how they do things.   New ideas are taken with great apprehension because well, who knows what people might think if you tried something new?

What is success based on?  Technical expertise and a bit of creativity is essential if you’re an engineer, but for those who aren’t crunching numbers all day, is it ok to have an original idea and tell someone about it?

How many times in your career have you said to yourself, “I want to go out on a limb here and suggest something totally out of the blue,” but didn’t because you knew for sure that people might look at you funny or think your nuts.

Did it ever occur to you that those same people might appreciate the fact you had the balls to suggest something different?  Or that, by you going out on a limb, you might spark another idea that pays off big for everyone?

The people at Greenpeace went out a limb, blindly venturing into the mysterious world of social media and discovered something remarkable.  They discovered that by not taking themselves too seriously, and using social media properly, they could be hugely successful and find exactly the answers they were looking for.

If you’re really super old school, you may not want to watch this video, because it may hurt your brain a little and cause you to have an original idea of your own.

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