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Mike Schuler
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February 11, 2010

Believe it or not, a lot of visitors do not know the depth of this site beyond the section in which they frequent the most (i.e. the blog or forum).  In some cases, readers of the blog do not even know that we HAVE a forum (let alone the MOST active forum for profesional mariners on the web) and vice versa.  In an effort for more cross promotion, you may have noticed that a while back we started directing blog comments to the blog comments section on the forum.  Starting today, we are going to do the opposite and start featuring some of the fantastic discussions that are considered to be HOT here on the blog.

We’ll start with a discussion started by the Old Salt, rjbpilot, titled “How scary is it when…..“.  Started on February, 4th, the conversation has picked up 1,300 views and 60 nail biting comments.  The discusion starts, How scary is it when….

you are getting relieved at midnight by the other Mate at who just upgraded to 1600t master and renewed his radar observer certificate and he asks you how you set up the floating ebl’s on the small non-arpa radars to determine cpa’s to the multitude of vessels and rigs in the oil patch.

Feel free to chime in with your how scary is it when story HERE.


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