Salvage Master Nick Sloane Joins Resolve

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February 2, 2016

Nick Sloane in front of the Costa Concordia shipwreck in Italy prior to its parbuckling in September 2013 while working for Titan Salvage. Photo credit: REUTERS/Tony Gentile

South African Salvage Master Nick Sloane has joined Resolve Marine Group as Senior Salvage Master. 

Sloane has been in the business for decades but is most well known for leading the effort to raise and refloat the Costa Concordia in Italy, which has become known as the largest maritime salvage job in history. 

“Nick is a force in the industry and now that Resolve has a worldwide footprint, he is a natural fit,” said Joe Farrell, President and CEO of Resolve Marine Group. 


The news comes just months after Resolve opened its operations in Gibraltar, expanding its emergency response capabilities to Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Sloane joins the senior management team at Resolve to help guide the global growth of the company. 

Sloane has more than 34 years of experience in maritime salvage, having overseen an extensive list of salvage and oil and gas projects across the globe including the Americas, Europe, Russia, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.  He was a member of the Lloyds Panel of Special Casualty Representatives and most recently served as the Senior Salvage Master of the Costa Concordia salvage operation off the Island of Giglio, Italy. 

“I have watched Resolve grow globally over these past ten years and I am honored to now join the company’s leadership team,” said Nick Sloane, Director, Resolve Marine Group.  “I intend to use my experience where I can and assist in growing the business globally.”

Resolve Marine Group remains a family-owned and operated business after more than 35 years, which has allowed it to maintain a value-oriented culture with a strong emphasis on meeting the needs of both clients and staff at every stage of a job, the company says. 

“Resolve’s greatest asset is its people and we pride ourselves on that,” said Joe Farrell.  “Nick Sloane brings professionalism, innovation, and a stellar work ethic that never compromises his values – that’s exactly how we manage ourselves at Resolve.”


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