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Armed Russian Security Team Fast-Ropes on to Greenpeace Ship

Rob Almeida
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September 19, 2013

Last known position of the Arctic Sunrise, via Greenpeace

UPDATE: 10:50 EST – An armed Russian security team has just fast-roped on to the Greenpeace vessel Arctic Sunrise and “are breaking into our comms room,” according to a tweet by the Arctic Sunrise.

The 8 Russians have assembled the crew of the Arctic Sunrise on the helideck and have them on their knees with guns pointed at them according to a tweet by the Arctic Sunrise communications team who have apparently locked themselves into their room.  The Russians are at this very moment still trying to get access.

Yesterday, the Dutch Ambassador met with Russian authorities in Moscow to discuss the Greenpeace-Gazprom incident in the Pechora Sea, and the two activists currently held by Russian security.

Prirazlomnaya greenpeace
Five Greenpeace International activists attempt to climb
the Prirazlomnaya, an oil platform operated by Russian state-owned energy giant Gazprom platform in Russias Pechora Sea; to stop it becoming the first to produce oil from the ice-filled waters of the Arctic. Image (c) Greenpeace

According to a statement on Facebook by Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs Frans Timmermans, the Ambassador “emphasized the right to peaceful demonstrations, as long as safety at sea is not in question.”

Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs countered the Ambassador stating the activists “were aggressive and provocative and had the outward signs of extremist activity that may result in death and other serious consequences.”

Prirazlomnaya greenpeace
Image (c) Greenpeace

Greenpeace released the following video of yesterday’s arctic confrontation:

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