Rolldock Heavylift – Interesting Ship Of The Week

John Konrad
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January 20, 2010

Rolldock Heavylift Ship

Fresh out of shipyard in Surat, India the Rolldock Sun was launched this week by RollDock an new partner in heavy lift transport and shipping industry. What makes this vessel unique?

RollDock’s vessels can be adapted to a variety of situations and circumstances as these are fully equipped for modern heavylift operations purpose. Due to the combination of 3 ‘loading modes’ Rolldock can adapt to various situations, including: ‘lift-on lift-off’, with 2 heavy lift cranes capable of working in tandem; ‘float-in float-out’ as the vessels are semi-submersible and ‘roll-on roll-off’, due to the special feature of the ramp and the cargo deck which can be set to various levels. Height of the cargo is said to be “virtually unlimited” due to the open hold capability of the vessel.

While presently unique, the Rolldock Sun will soon be joined by virtually identical sister-ships giving Rolldock flexibility to respond to client demand, wherever the global location of origin and destination without having to undergo re-engineering for differing cargoes. The vessels can achieve a service speed of 18 knots when fully loaded. The shallow draft is 5,6 m (summer draft) which allows our vessels to call at ports with limited water depths. Further, each vessel is built with twin engines, propellers and rudders plus bow thrusting, RollDock vessels are reliable and safe.

More information can be found on Rolldock’s (well designed!) website.

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