RESOLVE PIONEER Receives AMVER Award from USCG Commandant Schultz

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June 20, 2019

Press Release – Resolve Marine Group is the proud recipient of the prestigious AMVER AWARD, Automated Mutual Assistance Vessel Rescue System, for the privately funded Emergency Response Salvage Tug the RESOLVE PIONEER. The award was presented to Resolve by the United States Coast Guard Commandant, Admiral Karl Schultz at the close of National Maritime Day and the NAMEPA Safety at Sea conference at the Press Club in Washington D.C. on May 26th. It was awarded for the work done by the RESOLVE PIONEER under the AMVER system. The now Global AMVER network is over 60 years old and has saved thousands of mariners. It is an international program that works with commercial shipping representatives around the world. AMVER’s computer network receives locations of the vessels registered in the program and sends the vessel alerts when others are in distress based on who is in the best position to make a rescue. The RESOLVE PIONEER received this award for work done in 2017 and 2018.

The US Flagged RESOLVE PIONEER is the only fully manned, privately funded salvage tug in North America. This multi-mission vessel is now stationed in Dutch Harbor, Alaska, but has performed rescue tows as well as marine firefighting and salvage support missions across the Eastern seaboard and throughout the Gulf of Mexico.  She even spent 6 months skimming oil during the Macondo incident prior to moving to her new home in Alaska. 

The PIONEER has been a core asset for RESOLVE Alternative Planning Criteria (APC) Oil Spill Response Organization, 1-Call Alaska. The RESOLVE PIONEER allows 1-Call Alaska and the Resolve Marine Group to respond to vessels in distress and provide a prevention approach to Emergency Response and Oil Spill Response.  The vessel has been stationed in Alaska for six years. 1-Call Alaska is a USCG vetted OSRO and provides Maritime Emergency Response for Non-Tank Vessels sailing the great circle route through COTP Western Alaska and Prince William Sound. 

“Resolve is proud to be part of the AMVER program for which the RESOLVE PIONEER has been engaged for eight consecutive years,” Said Lindsay Malen-Habib. “Owning and operating this vessel in Alaska allows us to demonstrate the dedication to our clients’ needs. We are stewards of the environment and protecting life at sea. This program demonstrates that exactly.” Said Habib. The AMVER program is voluntary and shows a commitment to safety. Other recipients in attendance were EAGLE BULK, NOAA, RCCL, and US SHIPPING, to name a few. It was a proud day for all in attendance especially Ben Strong, USCG Civilian, Director AMVER Maritime Relations, who runs the program. “AMVER receives a sail plan from participants for real-time tracking of their course and position,” said Strong, “the AMVER system also allows a phone number to the bridge for immediate contact.” The crew must agree and want to participate which is what makes this program so unique.

Resolve Marine Group is the only Salvage Marine Fire Fighting provider in the lower 48 states who also provides APC OSRO services in Alaska. For the state of Alaska and for clients who trade the EEZ, the RESOLVE PIONEER provides an additional line of defense against pollution and threat. Ensuring the RESOLVE PIONEER is ready to go with Oil Spill Response equipment, Emergency lightering capacity, Marine Fire Fighting Gear and a capable salvage crew allows the ethos of 1-Call Alaska, Preparation, Prevention, and Response, to stay prominent. Receiving this award for which 121 countries and over 15,000 vessels participate reiterates this ethos to the public.

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