Resolve Marine’s MAKUSHIN BAY Response Tug Stations in Kodiak Alaska

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November 19, 2020

Press Release – Resolve Marine repositions their MAKUSHIN BAY response tug from Dutch Harbor, AK to Kodiak, AK where the growing need for maritime and response services will provide local vessel operators and owners with rapid response and cost efficiencies.  Stationing the salvage and emergency response vessel in Kodiak, Alaska with a 24/7, manned crew will significantly increase response time and marine services along Alaska’s south coast  Resolve Marine currently maintains vessels, assets (drydock, barges, cranes), and services out of their Dutch Harbor location. The MAKUSHIN BAY’s reposition to Kodiak expands Resolve’s coverage and onshore capabilities providing vessel owners and operators throughout the Kodiak region with access to an experienced response/service partner.  


Resolve Marine’s response activity has increased around Kodiak illustrating the need for a dedicated response presence that can ensure greater protection for Alaska’s sensitive coastal areas.  In response to the client’s needs, the MAKUSHIN BAY’s reposition not only provides a highly capable and dedicated response asset but also increases Resolve’s shoreside operations to support Alaska maritime services. The 130’ MAKUSHIN BAY is perfectly suited for the Kodiak area as a shallow draft vessel (8’ maximum draft) that can manuever closer to shore and access tighter spaces.  In addition to comprehensive ocean towing and booming capabilities, the MAKUSHIN BAY is versatile with a marine crane (extension boom 35’ to 55’) capable of 10,700 lbs. at 55’ and 20,000 lbs. at 41’.  Hosting state of the art communication and location electronics, the MAKUNSHIN BAY’s powerful 1800 horsepower engines can reach speeds up to 10 knots.  

Repositioning the MAKUNSHIN BAY enables Resolve Marine the ability to provide response services to Kodiak as well as being a viable option for Southeast Alaska. “Having a reliable response vessel closer to the locations where it is needed not only improves response time,” said AW McAfee, General Manager, Resolve Marine Alaska, “but can lower costs for local Kodiak clients by reducing overall mobilization expenses.” While the MAKUNSHIN BAY calls Kodiak home, the PIONEER will continue to be Resolve Marine’s primary response vessel operating out of Dutch Harbor ensuring Resolve and 1-Call Alaska clients continue to receive a high level of service and protection. The MAKUSHIN BAY’s placement in Kodiak delivers greater value to Alaska clients while delivering on  Resolve Marine’s commitment to their local partners and the global community.

About Resolve Marine 

Resolve Marine provides innovative response, recovery, and compliance solutions that solve our client’s problems while making the world’s oceans cleaner and safer. Operating from strategically positioned offices, depots, and warehouses around the world, Resolve’s owned and managed assets ensure marine insurance companies, shipowners, offshore operators, and global governments benefit from responsive teams who strive to protect client assets and marine environments. Resolve’s salvage experience and technical expertise translates into regulatory leadership as an approved OPA 90 SMFF, Alaska AP


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