Research and Markets: Offshore Wind Turbine Foundation: Key Issues and Emerging Trends

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December 14, 2011

Research and Markets has announced the addition of GlobalData’s new report “Offshore Wind Turbine Foundation – Key Issues and Emerging Trends” to their offering.

Offshore wind is an emerging industry. With stronger and more consistent wind speeds than onshore wind farms, it is being increasingly explored all over the world for its high yield. In 2010, the cumulative installed capacity for offshore wind, across the world, stood at 3.1 GW, contributing around 1.6% of the total wind power capacity.

Currently, the offshore wind industry is facing a number of challenges. These challenges include availability of skilled personnel, lack of appropriate technology catering to offshore requirements, shortage of appropriate auxiliary services, incompatibility with existing grid infrastructure, insufficient integration into the energy system and competition for space with other industries like telecom and oil and gas.

Many of the European offshore wind turbines have witnessed a design fault in grouting. Due to this design fault, the grout injected during the installation of offshore wind farms is breaking up, which has shifted the turbines within monopile foundations. As per the industry estimates around 600 of Europe’s installed offshore wind turbines are facing the issue of dissolved grouting, and re-strengthening of the affected wind turbines may cost around 28.71m ($40.25m) in total.

Offshore Wind Turbine Foundation – Key Issues and Emerging Trends tackles the following key areas:

— Market analysis on different types of offshore wind foundation

— Impact of grouting failures

— Future trends

Reasons to Buy:

— The report focusses on the issues faced by the offshore wind turbine
foundation industry.

— It includes market analysis on the various types of offshore wind
foundations, impact of grouting failure on the offshore wind industry
and emerging trends.

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SOURCE: Research and Markets

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