Remembering Those Lost At Sea In War And Peace

John Konrad
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May 28, 2018

MAY 26 2014: The 146th annual King’s County Memorial Day Parade, one of the nation’s oldest, honored fallen & living veterans in the streets of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Photo by a katz, shutterstock

Today is Memorial Day in the United States and gCaptain will donate a portion of all patriotic shirts to the American Merchant Marine Veterans (AMMV).

Countless American Merchant Mariners have been lost at sea delivering the gear our troops and sailors need to defend freedom. Aircraft Carriers would return home without the food, ammunition and aviation fuel supplied by Military Sealift Command. Army and USMC soldiers are useless without tanks, food, gear and gas. Even the Air Force is highly reliant on US Merchant Ships and every veteran saved aboard our nations Hospital Ships are thankful for our nation’s fourth arm of defense

But, in the hundreds of parades and celebrations across the nation, very few US Merchant Marine flags will fly and even our bravest men, Veterans of the Murmansk runs of WW2, continue to fight for Just Recognition 70+ years after the Battle Of The North Atlantic ended… A war that could not have been won without the supreme sacrifice of thousands of mariners!

Take pride in the ALL our services toady but don’t forget to wave the Merchant Marine flag to remember those American merchant mariners and merchant navy allies. 

Show your pride in the US Merchant Marine, join AMMV and look good at the beach with one of our new US Merchant Marine  shirts.

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