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RAMBLER 100 Rescue Images and Interview with skipper George David [VIDEO]

Rob Almeida
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August 16, 2011

Rambler 100 skipper George David is interviewed this morning following the dramatic capsize of his yacht and successful rescue of his crew.


The media crew for Team Phaedo, one of the entries in this year’s Fastnet Race, was standing by Fastnet Rock when disaster struck on RAMBLER 100.  It’s incredibly fortunate this accident occurred in this area, or the 5 crew members who found themselves drifting away from the upturned yacht may not have been found in time…  The following are images from Team Phaedo’s media team as they supported the rescue of the Rambler crew.

rambler phaedo

rambler phaedo

Team Phaedo’s media crew plucks Rambler 100 skipper ,George David, from the ocean… thankfully all were wearing life preservers at the time of the incident…

rambler 100 phaedo george david rescue

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