Question On Weather Routing

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May 26, 2008

Ocean Weather Chart

gCaptain reader and Meteorologist Brad Snook writes:

I spent 13 years as a Meteorologist, recommending routes and forecasting seas and swells for merchant ships around the world. During those years, I witnessed incredible changes in technologies, in changes to Communications (cable to sitor to fax, telex, e-mail), in the coming of GPS and position polling, in the rising prices of bunkers and daily charters, and in changes to the way shore-based operators coordinate their efforts with ship captains over the entire globe. I also witnessed changes to the way our weather routing product could be delivered to the client and captain.

Over all those years, however, one thing remained the same: Most of our clients were operating large vessels on long, mostly east to west (or visa-versa), routes. So, a great majority of ship captains never had the benefit of fully exploring the weather forecast differences, anticipated ship motions, or ship routing options.

So, for all the Masters and Skippers alike, how do you see weather forecasting technology benefiting you in the future?

If you have an answer for Brad post it as a comment below. If you would like to ask our community a question head over to our forum… an excellent rescource that’s really been impressing us lately with the quality of responses from all corners of the maritime community.

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