Anambas Islands

Product Tanker Hijacked Off Malaysia

Rob Almeida
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July 7, 2014

Location of the Anambas Islands

For the second time within a year the Honduras-flagged product tanker, MT Moresby 9 has been attacked by pirates, however this time, “they were not so lucky,” commented Mike Edey, Head of Operations at maritime intelligence specialist Dryad Maritime.

The ship was boarded by pirates on 4 July 2014 at 1938 local approximately 34 nautical miles off Anambas Island and the crew was taken hostage while a portion of the 2200 ton cargo of Marine Gas Oil (MGO) was stolen.

“This latest incident is another example of hijack for cargo theft that has become widely reported this year in South East Asia,” added Edey.  “The last time MT Moresby 9 was attacked the crew reacted quickly and were fortunate to have a patrol vessel nearby to render assistance. It is hoped that the ship and crew will soon make safe port.”

Dryad notes that communications with the vessel have since been re-established, however it remains to be confirmed if the tanker has been released by the pirates.  This is the eighth incident of cargo theft in the region in recent months.


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