Port Au Prince Haiti, Earthquake Damage – Incident Photo Of The Week

John Konrad
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January 19, 2010

Port Au Prince Earthquake Damage

MARAD kindly sent these photos to gCaptain via our tip line ([email protected]) with the following note:

The following pictures were taken from the deck of a vessel that was alongside the pier working cargo in Port Au Prince when the earthquake hit on Tuesday January 12th.

If we understand the pictures correctly, you will note the first frame captures the pier apron between the ship and the shed.

The pier deck already has a large fissure running the length of the apron right in front of the shed siding and sections of the pier apron are already filling with water as the apron collapses.

The second frame shows the entire apron now underwater.

The third frame show the vessel that was dead ahead at berth either moving away or drifting away from the pier that is no longer there..

The message that the vessel sent to the vessel operator read as follows:

good day all,
please be informed that a earthquake/tsumani hit Haiti port au prince.
harbor destroyed. cut ropes and left port to anchorage. assessing situation and make thorough check will report asap. no injuries no visual damage to vessel or cargo.
see attched pictures

More photos of the damaged port:

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