UASC SCHUAIBA, containership

Playing chicken with a containership, no thanks.

Rob Almeida
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June 9, 2011

I was delivering a 40-foot sailboat up from Chesapeake Bay this week and as we were motoring past the shipping channels lanes leading in and out of New York, we found ourselves on a collision course with an outbound containership, the UASC SHUAIBA.

We were on course 050 at 7 knots and about 2.5 miles off the starboard bow of this big bastard, and after repeated hails on 16 and 13, I threw the helm over hard to port, but as I was doing that, his port running light slowly came into view and it was clear the mate on watch was turning to starboard in an effort to take my stern.

Fortunately the aggressiveness of my turn caught their attention and they swerved back to port, but damn, how about next time we all make it a point to keep the VHF radio turned on…

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