Pirates Captured on Viral Video Convicted in Germany

Mike Schuler
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October 19, 2012

Ten Somali men have been convicted in Germany on piracy-related charges related to the 2010 hijacking of the M/V Taipan in the Gulf of Aden.

The men were famously captured by a Dutch boarding team who raided the German-flagged vessel just hours after it was boarded by the group of pirates on April 4, 2010. During the attack, the 15 member crew hid inside the ship’s citadel, cut off power to the ship, and sent out a distress signal alerting naval forces in the area of the attack.

Shortly after, video of the raid captured by the helmet cam of a Dutch team member surfaced and went viral.

The men have reportedly been sentenced to prison terms ranging between two and seven years for charges that included attacking sea transportation and extortionate kidnapping.

That case marked Germany’s first piracy conviction in centuries.


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