MT halifax oil products tanker

A Pirate of a Different Color? Nigerian Pirates Quickly Release Tanker Seized in Gulf of Guinea

Rob Almeida
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November 6, 2011

MT halifax oil products tankerMT Halifax and her crew of 25 were overrun by pirates a few days ago, however according to Oyibos Online, an Nigerian Expat online newspaper, a letter was sent to Reuters by the Nigerian Maritime Administration spokeswoman, Lami Tumuka, stating:

“Halifax was reportedly located this morning off Bonny Fairway buoy. The vessel is presently being escorted to Port Harcourt harbour by Nigerian Navy Patrol Team. Further details to follow”

The Gulf of Guinea is an area of particular interest by the worldwide maritime and offshore energy industries and has been referred to as piracy’s emerging market by the International Maritime Bureau.  The quick release of MT Halifax by these Nigerian pirates is in stark contrast however to their Somali brethren who prefer to hold crew ships at gun poin for extended periods of time whilst demanding extraordinary ransoms.

No additional information regarding any ransom payment or stolen property is currently available.


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