Passengers Perspective: A trip to Antarctica

Mike Schuler
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January 3, 2011


Sure we’ve all seen and heard of the horror stories involving a boat full of tourists packed onto a ill-equipped vessel travelling to Antarctica.  We’ve also thought to ourselves “how could anyone be stupid enough to sign up for one of those trips”.  Well it’s tough to answer that question for every yahoo that choses to take a vacation down south, but the answer for this particular group is easy; passion for the sport of skiing and snowboarding.

Here is a look at the other side of one of these voyages.  The side of the passengers in search of the adventure of a lifetime where the ride there is just the beginning.

Ironically, the group here is none other the boys from gCaptain’s sister site, the ski and snowboard blog  Last fall, the group was able round-up a few handfuls of thrill seekers aboard the Clipper Advernturer, with the mission to bag as many first decsents as passible on the “The White Continent”.

The video above is part 1 of a seven part series titled “Skiing the Seven Continents“.

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