Panbo Reviews Simrad 4G Radar

John Konrad
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April 26, 2012

The excellent marine electronics blog Panbo has reviewed Simrad’s new 4G broadband radar. They write:

Simrad_NSE12_w_4G_radar_Camden_Harbor_cPanbo-thumb-465x348-4819In my view, 4G truly is a significant upgrade from the original BR24 and its 3G successor. It does have more power, better range, and better horizontal resolution. Higher possible automated rotation speed will no doubt improve close-in tracking of fast targets (I only got one lobster boat to test that theory on), and the new dual range feature — if you have an MFD that supports it — is the absolute bomb. But can it faithfully produce the range of a 4kw radome or the beam width of a 3.5-foot open array? Is it true that “Broadband 4G Radar signals the death of pulse” radar? Sorry, but that kind of talk is premature, I think.
Not that 4G didn’t impress me mightily. Click on that top screen for the highest detail of Camden Inner Harbor, both in range resolution and horizontal resolution.

gCaptain is pleased by Panbo’s update because it looks like Simrad has addressed the few problems we found with their last model, the Simrad 3G radar, which we found to be ”
The Best Boating Radar For Professionals“. We look forward to reviewing a 4G radar first hand so standby for an update.

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