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New Motion Compensated Gangway Will Have You Walking Straight to Work

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May 12, 2015


The Netherlands-based Van Aalst has unveiled a new motion compensated gangway system that promises workability across a wide array of offshore platforms even in waves up to 3.5 meters.

Van Aalst calls the new system “Safeway”, adding roll compensation, vertical height adjustment and a weight balanced boom construction to the gangway types now dominating the market. The Safeway system includes a ‘fourth motion actuator’ the compensates for rolling, the vessel’s main motion, Van Aalst says.

The enhanced performance of the new Safeway system is expected to dramatically improve the safety of offshore workers. The system also has a 10-meter vertical height adjustment, which will rule out uphill or downhill walking and further enhancing safety.

Check out the animation showing all the features of the Safeway system in action below:

“With Safeway we are aiming to revolutionize the walk-to-work market, introducing a product which surpasses competition and will be very attractive for projects in both renewable and oil and gas markets.” says Wijnand van Aalst, CEO of the Van Aalst Group.

The first Safeway unit is expected to be available for the rental market by the end of 2015.

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