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Navigating New Horizons: GLT’s Bold Move into the Caribbean Break Bulk Carrier Market

Navigating New Horizons: GLT’s Bold Move into the Caribbean Break Bulk Carrier Market

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June 17, 2024

By Katie Gallagher

In a groundbreaking announcement, The Great Lakes Towing Company (GLT) is primed to make waves in the coastwise marine transportation industry with its recent acquisition of the Barge CRIMSON CLOVER from Crimson Shipping Company, Chickasaw, AL. This strategic move will expand GLT’s impressive range or services, but also marks the birth of a new era in cargo transportation serving the Caribbean basin.

The CRIMSON CLOVER is a 270’ x 80’ fully enclosed warehouse barge that will be chartered to the newly established wholly owned subsidiary of GLT named Great Lakes East, LLC (GLE). GLE, is a U.S. Flag, Jones Act compliant ocean freight carrier, specializing in a plethora of services including breakbulk, heavy-lift, dry bulk, and more. GLE is poised to cater to a diverse array of cargo needs both domestically and internationally upon inducement.

GLE is set to redefine the landscape of breakbulk transportation by building upon Crimson Shipping’s former business, albeit with a significant twist. While Crimson Shipping was based out of Mobile, AL, GLE is boldly shifting its primary load port to Fernandina Beach, FL. This move positions GLE at the heart of maritime trade routes to San Juan, PR, while also offering unparalleled access to key destinations in the Caribbean and beyond.

Scheduled to embark on its maiden voyage in July, GLE has already begun accepting orders for its inaugural journey. Collaborating with top-tier terminal operators in the Port of Fernandina and San Juan, GLE ensures seamless cargo acceptance, handling, storage, and distribution.

What truly sets GLE apart is its commitment to innovation and efficiency. Leveraging last-mile, on-dock rail in Fernandina and purposeful positioning for easy accessibility from the main highways in Northeast Florida, GLE offers a service that transcends traditional maritime logistics.

As GLT and GLE navigate into new waters, one thing is certain – breakbulk barge transportation to the Caribbean has never looked more promising. With a blend of expertise, innovation, and strategic foresight, GLT and its affiliates are poised to provide an excellent new service.

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