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ABS Nautical Systems Adds Three European Shipowners to NS5 User Base

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August 29, 2013

logo_absABS Nautical Systems has welcomed three more leading European shipowners to the user community for its NS5 Enterprise software suite.

Two Athens-based owners, Central Mare and Consolidated Marine will adopt NS5, as will C Transport Maritime of Monaco, adding 14 ships to the NS5 user base of more than 4,000 vessels. These owners, which are classing newbuildings with ABS have taken advantage of the ABS Newbuild Program which offers free of charge access to NS5 software for new tonnage or transfers to ABS class.

NS5 Enterprise provides a complete shipboard software solution for simplifying and streamlining time-consuming and complex functions such as hull inspection, maintenance and purchasing and crew management.

Most recently ABS Nautical Systems added the Energy & Environmental Manager module to its suite of products, which owners can use in support of compliance with the Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEMP) and in pursuit of more effective energy management across their fleets.

In the latest contracts, Central Mare plans to utilize the Energy & Environmental Manager, Maintenance Manager and Hull Inspection modules on two of its ABS-classed newbuildings. Consolidated Marine Management will also implement the Energy & Environmental Manager and Hull Inspection modules on four of its ABS-classed newbuildings, as well as an additional vessel transferred to ABS class. Monte Carlo-based C Transport Maritime will implement the Energy & Environmental Manager and Hull Inspection modules on seven of its ABS-classed newbuildings.

Rogerio Vieira, Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing, ABS Nautical Systems, said:

“The benefits of classing with ABS extend into areas of day to day operations. NS5 is a proven means for managing administrative tasks in a way that minimises the burden on the crew while maximising asset efficiency. In particular, owners are seeking the means to track and trend energy and environmental performance data to support SEEMP compliance and improve reporting of energy use across their fleet.”

ABS continues to demonstrate leadership in marine and offshore classification services, with a registered fleet which has surpassed 200 million gross tons. This total of approximately 12,000 vessels representing 105 flag States.

A key factor in ABS’ expansion has been the society’s strong position in the newbuilding orderbook, where more than 21% of new vessels on order are destined for ABS class – the largest percentage of any classification society in the world.


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