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Mike Schuler
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October 10, 2008

MV Seacor Cheetah - Design Plans

M/V SEACOR CHEETAH is a 170 ft. class Catamaran passenger/cargo vessel with the capacity to carry 150 passengers at a top speed in excess of 40 knots.  It is designed to meet the specific demands of the oil and gas industry for crew transport in loop-style routes between high-traffic platforms and shore-base operations.  The Cheetah aims to increase passenger comfort and safety, personnel transport reliability, and dramatically reduce costs.


Workboat Seacor Cheetah

Seacor tells us of the the CHEETAH’s cost saving capabilities with this sample route:

A weekly crew change from a Port Fourchon shore-base to two platforms approximately 83 nautical miles offshore; the CHEETAH, delivering and picking up 51 passengers at one platform, and delivering and boarding 32 return passengers at the second platform 15 miles away.

On this sample route, the CHEETAH’s per-occupied seat-mile cost is
30-48% less than one of the large, modern helicopters typically employed for crew changes.  For this single crew change, the client will save more than 40% in real dollars by using the CHEETAH.   Combine that with the vessel’s 150 tonne deck cargo capacity, and the savings become even more impressive.

And, it gets better.  By carrying more passengers on longer voyages to deepwater installations, the savings increase dramatically.



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