MSC Napoli Drydocked – HD Photo

John Konrad
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June 16, 2009

MSC Napoli In Drydock - Copyright 2008, Flickr's Frodog

Maritime Photographer Frodog brings us this HD image of the infamous MSC Napoli in drydock. He writes:

In a Dry Dock aft of the Resolution was this Hulk of a ship, being broken up. it transpired to be the Napoli, which ran aground around about this time last year, off the Devon and Dorset coast, with many items of her cargoes washing ashore, including BMW motor cycles amongst other stuff, which bounty hunters rightly claimed ownership. Whilst looking around, there was a decontamination unit working. What are they decontaminating? I ask. I was lucky enough not to be asked not to take photographs, unlike a colleague of mine who was prevented from doing so! LINK

On June 12, efforts to remove the final section of the wrecked container ship got under way as salvors working to raise the stern – including the ship’s 1,400-tonne engine – laid new chains under the hull to help them lift it off the sea bed . Salvors aim to bring the remains of the vessel to the surface by August so it can be scrapped.

Read the latest on the MSC Napoli salvage operation at BBC HERE

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