Transocean Winner MODU - Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit

More Than Two Months After its Grounding, Transocean Winner Departs Scotland Aboard Heavy Lift Ship

Mike Schuler
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October 14, 2016

The Transocean Winner is loaded onto the submerged OHT Hawk in the Isle of Lewis’ Broad Bay. Photo: MCA

The stricken drilling rig Transocean Winner has started its journey to Turkey aboard a heavy lift ship more than two months after the rig ran aground in Scotland.

The UK Maritime and Coast Guard Agency has reported that at approximately 8:05 p.m. Friday the semi-submersible heavy lift ship Hawk raised anchor and began its journey transporting the rig Transocean Winner from Broad Bay on the Isle of Lewis.

The Hawk will make a short stoppover in Malta before heading to its final destination of Turkey where the Transocean Winner will be demolished.

“At 5pm today I advised the Master of the HAWK that he had my permission to weigh anchor and proceed on the voyage in accordance with the agreed passage plan,” said Secretary of State’s Representative (SOSREP), Hugh Shaw. “The UK Coastguard will continue to monitor its passage until it leaves the UK Search and Rescue Region. Weather permitting, the voyage to Malta will take approximately two weeks.”

Transocean Winner’s departure comes more than two months after the 17,000 ton rig ran aground on Scotland’s Isle of Lewis after breaking free from a tow in heavy weather on August 8. The rig spent about two weeks aground before it was refloated and moved to Broad Bay, where it was anchored as it awaited the arrival of the Hawk

Transocean Winner’s final destination has actually always been Turkey, where owner Transocean was planning to scrap the 30-year-old rig after it completed a contract for Marathon Oil in the Norwegian North Sea. 

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