Okume Ebano TLP

MODEC Gets the Green Light for Stampede TLP

Rob Almeida
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July 17, 2013

Okume Ebano TLP, image: MODEC

Tokyo-based MODEC International has announced the execution of a contract with Hess Corporation to provide Engineering and Management Services for the Stampede tension leg platform (TLP), a production facility which is “targeted for sanction in 2014” according to a statement on Hess’ website.

These services include project management, engineering, procurement management, and construction management for the hull and mooring systems of a conventional TLP with continuing services contingent upon sanction.

Once installed, the Stampede TLP will be located approximately 170 miles southeast of New Orleans in the Green Canyon Block 468 in a water depth of 3,350 feet. The Stampede Development physically ties in the Pony and Knotty Head discoveries and is supported by a number of Hess’ joint venture partners such as Chevron, BHP Billiton, Statoil, and Nexen, all of which have a 20% working interest in the development.  Hess will be the operator.

MODEC was Hess’ clear choice on this project due to previous successful TLP projects they’ve delivered to Hess such as the Oveng TLP, Okume TLP and Shenzi TLP projects.

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