Carnival Splendor in Drydock

Mega Cruise Ship – Mega Airplane – Mega Camera, Carnival Splendor Enters Drydock

John Konrad
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January 26, 2011

Our friends at Telstar Logistics, with a tip from gCaptain member DH, bring us mega ships, planes and photos in their recent post A Very Big Airplane Helps a Very Big Cruise Ship Get a Very Big Engine Change. They write:

The cruise ship Carnival Spendor just entered the big drydock in San Francisco, where she will undergo major repairs — including an engine replacement. Ouch!

Remember the Carnival Splendor? That’s the infamous ship that spent four days adrift last November after an onboard fire disabled her propulsion 200 miles south of San Diego. With 3299 passengers and 1167 crew trapped aboard, the US Navy diverted the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan to provision the stricken ship with food and supplies. (Fresh shrimp cocktails for the buffet? Delivered by the Gipper??)

All kidding aside, it was a bad scene.

But now it’s time to make the ship new again. It will cost $56 million and take 4 to 6 weeks, but in the end the Carnival Splendor will get a new diesel engine and two alternators. The new motor arrived via a gigantic Antonov An-124 that landed on Saturday at San Francisco International Airport.

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Photo credit: flickr user AGrinberg

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