Mayhem on the High Seas

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March 7, 2008

Sea Shepard Captain - bullet proof vest

The Whaling – Conservation controversy in the Southern Ocean has escalated to violence. Earlier today it appears that the Japanese Coast Guard fired on The Sea Shepard’s vessel Steve Irwin, and its captain Paul Watson.

In a video, Watson is seen removing a bullet from a Kevlar vest he was waring. Video clip #9 show removal of the projectile. Understand that this story is breaking and there are always several sides.The Sea Shepard site is here.ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corp) is reporting:But Japan’s Government denies that, saying it only launched “noise balls” – loud explosive deterrent devices – after repeated attacks on its whaling ship by Sea Shepherd.Foreign Ministry spokesman Tomohiko Taniguchi says no shots were fired.  The ABC post is here.Thanks to Peters Points for leading us to this story.(Ed. note: It is not beyond both sides to embellish such events. None the less, the developments bear watching.)

___________________________This post was written by Richard Rodriguez, Rescue Tug Captain, and US Coast Guard approved instructor for License Training. You can read more of his articles at the BitterEnd of the net. 

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